Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Providers

I'm posting this in case this information is helpful to people considering weight loss surgery.

My health insurance company at the time of my surgery: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Empire.  My approval only took a few months and was pretty painless.

My surgeon:  Doctor Moran.  Doctor Moran's office hosts free informational seminars about the three types of weight loss surgery he performs, the positives and negatives of each and the journey to getting approved for weight loss surgery.  They give you very detailed information about your pre and post dietary needs, especially for the first few months after surgery.  If you go, make sure to write down that Melissa Moritz referred you so that I get some free vitamins!

My nutritionist:  Jennifer Hunt.  Jennifer is right on track with her recommendations and I highly recommend that anyone looking for help with their diet in the Raleigh area contact  her for an appointment.  Most insurance companies will pay for a few visits per year to a nutritionist.

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